Episode 19 – Violence Jack/Goku Midnight Eye


News: CZ 12 wins awards, S.H.I.E.L.D pilot, Street Fighter: Assassins Fist needs your help, The Overlook Hotel, Man Of Steel is starting to sound really lame, Stallones “Mel Gibson” tweets, Elysium trailer.

Reviews: Violence Jack (Evil Town, Hell’s Wind, Slum King) + Goku: Midnight Eye 1 & 2

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Violence Jack Vol 1-3 [DVD] [2005]


One thought on “Episode 19 – Violence Jack/Goku Midnight Eye

  1. blus actually is a man-tranny in the japanese version. I had watched all 3 recently which is how i came across your cast. But towards the end of the episode before the rape scene on the head model leader, you notice blue’s errect junk hence the wetting hisself earlier in the episode. good podcast~!

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