The Chris & Kriss Show – EP 54 – “Wrong”


In this jam packed episode of The Chris & Kriss Show we talk about some Heavener “jams”, Metallica playing Glastonbury, Kriss & Stacey’s trip to Coronation Street, our hatred of football, Rolf Harris and the annoyance of Street Fighter 4 and Dark Souls. As for movie news we discuss the passing of Eli Wallach, the resurrection of Matt “Samurai Cop” Hannon, Miike’s ‘Audition’ being on the remake chopping block, Shane Black & Fred Dekkers ‘Predator’ movie plus a bunch more. And as for reviews we talk about the Schwarzenegger child hood favourite and all time classic, ‘Commando’



Promos: 3 Black Geeks / Nolan Zebra 3 /

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