The Chris & Kriss Show – EP 55 – “Nasty”


This time around we discuss the morons who thought Steven Spielberg has been out and about hunting dinosaurs, the Japanese artist who got herself in trouble for making a 3D “selfie” of her lady parts, pretentious critics and some surreal but marvelous animation. We also talk a little bit about video games including the forthcoming Alien: Isolation. As for movie news, we talk a bit about the recently announced ‘ Samurai Cop’ Blu Ray and how we’re still not on board when it comes to ‘Samurai Cop 2’, plus news of Michael Winners ‘The Sentinel’ being next on the remake conveyor-belt, Kevin Smiths recent visit to the Star Wars Episode VII set plus a bunch more. Finally, we get nasty and review the notorious, once banned grot-fest, ‘Nightmares In A Damaged Brain‘!



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