The Chris & Kriss Show – EP 57 – “Expendable”

showlogo1After a wee hiatus we’re back with a jam packed show…We discuss ‘The Fappening’ aka the leaked celeb pictures scandal, Gary Busey on Celebrity Big Brother, the new Aphex Twin album ‘Syro’ and the passing of Robin Williams and Richard Attenborough. In the news side of things we look at the specs for a couple of forthcoming Blu Ray titles from Second Sight, discuss the stupidity of announcing release dates for sequels years in advance, casting rumours about the pointless ‘Escape From New York’ reboot, ‘Chain Saw Massacre’ prequel “Leatherface” and much more….Plus an extra long “What we’ve been watching..” segment.

As for reviews, we review a Blu Ray for the first time on the show as we look at Arrow Video’s fantastic new release of ‘The Burbs‘ and then we review what was probably our most highly anticipated movie of 2014, ‘The Expendables 3’.



Promos: Bad Asses, Boobs & Body Counts / Dr Action & The Kick Ass Kid

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