As we said on the last show, there would probably be a few short bonus episodes before our birthday show on the 13th, so here’s one for your lugs…

Recorded over a boozy two hours and ruthlessly whittled down to 25 minutes, we sip fine chardonnay and brandy whilst discussing a variety of topics such as Chris’s thoughts on the ‘Ninja Turtles’ reboot and Kriss’s disappointment at Chris’s thoughts, ‘The Death Of Superman Lives‘, Tom Cruise’s ‘Oblivion’, Lenny Kravitz’ dick falling out of his pants and Kriss’s disdain for Twitter. And “Spaffing”.



2 thoughts on “BONUS CLAPTRAP

  1. I have a question for your birthday show. If you had the choice to live in 1 movie universe just like that one kid did in last action hero, which universe would it be?

  2. Please can you answer this on your birthday show.

    Your loved ones live depend on it, you have to punch one of the following, repeatedly in the face. Which on is it:

    1. An innocent panda cub
    2. An ill, young child who has just been visited by John Cena
    3. Skarjo (obviously you would never choose this one)
    4. Megan Fox
    5. The casting guy who chose kristin kreuk to star in Smallville.

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