Wafu AM Episode III


This time around on the chit-chat extravaganza that is Wafu AM, we go over a few more school stories we forgot to mention last time, plus some holiday/vacation stories from Mr K’s youth, including jumping from a moving train and using a watermelon as a weapon to fight animal cruelty. We have the usual wrestling recap, discussing all the goings on heading into this years Summerslam. And in the second half of the show we get spooky and talk about myths, legends and other unexplained phenomena as well as share our own personal experiences with ghosts, UFO’s and other weird shat. Also this week, we have a a couple of tracks from our hero, Atanas.


01:50 – Kriss’s “Slazenger tracksuit”/Watermelon violence/More school

15:30 – Wrestling recap

38:11 – Break/Music: ‘Atanas – Let’s Live Together’

Promo: Dr Action & The Kick Ass Kid

42:59 – Mysteries of the unexplained, UFO’s, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Panthers
on the moors and all that good stuff.

01:25:07 – Wrapping up, more music: ‘Atanas – Shadows’